Alm in Piemonte

Welcome to the 4000th region of the Simplon area

Dear holiday prospective customers,

after vacation on mountain farms becomes more and more popular, we would not like to keep from you our alp after their renovation. If you have already asked yourselves like it is to be lived on an alp, you can experience this from probably summer, 2019. Advance notifications and interest inquiries desirably; use moreover our contact form! Pursue the progress here on our homepage by pictures new over and over again!

Information about the alp:
This lies in Piedmont on 1300 m about the sea level between the places Crodo and Premia near the Simplonpass and hears nightmares Aleccio“ to the "Consorzio. The journey occurs from the east coming about the San Bernadino through quite Mediterranean stamped Ticino where to you already the first palms in the mountains meet. Up to the Aletschgletcher, the biggest one of the Alps, these are 50 km of air line. The alp stands in the middle of the property this is several hectares and guarantees rest and rest. Further the look at the white-rottenly 4 thousand mark note chain Saastal; Sempione expects you.

On the south side direction Lago Maggiore the mountains are open, so that they have a lot of solar irradiation also in winter. In the west, Valais, you can see the highest part of the Alps; this is also to be reached comfortably about the Simplon passport which leads from Crodo to Brig. There you can travel with the Glacier express train to the roof of Europe or in Different-weakly change in other Swiss mountain railways. There is also in the north Grindelwald with Aiger, monk and virgin. Moreover, you expect in the northern valley end 8 miraculou mountain lakes and the legendary powder passport on just 2500 m. This was from 14. up to the 19th century one of the most-committed alpine passes for the trading and connected Domodossola with Meiringen. On account of his substantial height he was never asphalted, but is valid as one of few historical, romantic passports foot-in heat in the nightmare space.